Anna Legostajewa
birthday: January 17th 1981
Student at the Tyumen University
(Business faculty)

I want to tell something about Tyumen.


Tyumen is an old city which was founded in 1586. Tyumen is located in Westsibiria and has its function as the "Gate to Sibiria"! A waterway, the transsibirian railroad and airlines are connecting Tyumen with the main country. The river Tura, which is running through Tyumen is only free for ships for four month yearly, but this time is always used very effective by the fleet of our ships. Before the revolution there were only 40.000 inhabitants in Tyumen. The city was a part of the Tobolsk Government, the exile place of revolutioners of all generations. Station in winter

Nowadays Tyumen is a modern city with a lot of sights. There are plenty of museums, the cultur houses "Shelesnodoroshnik" and "Geolog", the palace of national culture, a lot of cinemas, the drama theatre and more! Some monuments decorate squares and streets of our city, for example the monument in the park close to our university. Here you find often fresh flowers!

House of culture in Tyumen Two other monuments at the museum and the city cemetery remind the young generation of the heroic acts of the Tyumens during World War II from 1941 - 1945. Tyumens visitors can admire a lot of historic monuments as well as modern ones. There are the old monastery at the shore of the river "Tura", some orthodox cathedrals, the building of the old city-duma, the modern architecture ensemble in the center of Tyumen, the new railroad station, a lot of artful furnished houses, the drama- and puppet theatre, the concert hall, the dancebar, the city garden, a lot of cafés, restaurants, the summer circus and more. All of these places are inviting our working people to take some rest, spend their free time and to relax themselves in a smart way!

The people of Tyumen love to make sport! Plenty of sport arenas and a swimming bassin with mineralwater are available for us and our guests. Today Tyumen is a city with high developed industry. Every year the number of new companies and industries are growing. The peat power station is one of the biggest in Russia and shall be developed in future to one of the biggest in the world. The wood industry is one of the highest developed industries in Tyumen, for example like our furniture and paper companies.

Also the ship-, engine- and machinebuilding are some of the most important industries in Tyumen. In the last years the heavy and light industry developed very fast.

Todays Tyumen is a city of science and students. We have a "State University", a "Natural Gas and Oil University", a "Medicine Faculty" and others. Most of them have been founded after the "October Revolution". More than 30 research faculties are located in our city!

Tyumen is growing very fast. Everywhere arise new high-rises with modern comfortable apartments. In the Tyumen region Russias largest oil and natural gas resources were discovered.


That´s why the inhabitant number of our city is growing very fast. In the last twenty years this number more than doubled and today we are having nearly 600.000 people in our city! Come and join us!!!
I would like to have contact to young people in foreign countries, maybe with girls in my age. My address is:

Tyumen Region
Sawodoukowsker Rayon
The village Sosnowka
Pokrowskoja Street 25

The photo shows me (first from right) with some of my class mates at the university!

Anna and some of her class


Yours Anna